Matkichi Usal

15 min
Serves for 2.  

Method :

1)1 cup sprouted mataki  
2)4 tsp oil 
3) Turmeric Powder
4) Malvani masala 2 tsp or as per required
5)1 onion
6)1/2 cup grated coconut  
7)4-5 curry leaves
8)1 tomato
9) Coriander leaves
10) Salt as per taste.


Soak Mataki for 6-7 hours in water. 

Drain water tie mataki in clean cloth to get spouted.

Heat oil in kadai add curry leaves, chopped onion until get golden brown.

Add mataki and mix it wel, add masala and salt, add little water cover with lid cook for few minutes.

On other side heat oil add onion and grated coconut until golden brown. 

Keep a side and make paste of it.

When matki is halfway done, add paste and chopped tomato.

Boil for few minutes. 

Let the matki cook completely.

Serve hot with garnishing of Coriander leaves.  


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